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France Bon Appétit, magazine

France Bon Appétit, magazine

France Bon Appétit

See the episodes of “France Bon Appétit” broadcast on France 24.

Every week, an episode of “France, Bon Appétit” magazine is broadcast on France 24. Meet top chefs, discover new culinary trends and see highlights from major events in the world of gourmet food.

“France Bon Appétit”, magazine

France, Bon Appétit” is France 24’s new magazine dedicated to French gastronomy, food products and lifestyle.

Every episode of “France, Bon Appétit” looks at gastronomy from a different perspective, featuring hot new culinary trends and the French and foreign personalities that are shaping them every day. A full menu of topics and discoveries that will whet the appetites of those who love French cuisine.

Forty-five 5-minute episodes will be broadcast, one every week, starting on 27 August 2011 on the 3 France 24 channels, in French, English and Arabic. The show runs until June 2012.

Here are all of the episodes that have already been broadcast on France 24.


Schedule of broadcast dates and times :

  • Saturdays at 4:51 pm
  • Sundays at 9:40 pm / 0:52 am
  • Mondays at 10:53 am / 1:41 pm
  • Tuesdays at 5:52 am
  • Wednesdays at 4:52 am

Title:France Bon Appetit magazine, French Food Culture, French Food - Frenchfoodandbeverages
Description:Discover the French magazine, dedicated to the sector of French Agribusiness. - Frenchfoodandbeverages

Name Class Section Priority
Document Smoked trout Vidéo intégrée 9
Document The first apricots Vidéo intégrée 9
Document The french Cremant Vidéo intégrée 9
Document Food Trucks, the new mobile kitchen Vidéo intégrée 9
Document Delicious veal at pentecost Vidéo intégrée 9
Document The french traditional Baguette Vidéo intégrée 9
Document Cooking with flowers Vidéo intégrée 9
Document Cooking on the barbecue Vidéo intégrée 9
Document Potato of Noirmoutier' island Vidéo intégrée 9
Document Cooking with butter Vidéo intégrée 9
Document Bayonne ham Vidéo intégrée 9
Document Raw chocolate Vidéo intégrée 9
Document Jam and jelly Vidéo intégrée 9
Document A new wave of coffee culture in France Vidéo intégrée 9
Document The Omnivore Food Festival in Paris Vidéo intégrée 9


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